Powerstroke®: Speed Through Force & Form Freestyle Technique DVD

Powerstroke® is Coach Marty Gaal's method for teaching competitive freestyle swimming technique to adult triathletes and open water racers. The Powerstroke® DVD was specifically developed for adult swimmers looking to improve their swim speed in triathlon, open water racing, and distance pool events.

Powerstroke® is:

  • A concept designed to teach the integral relationship between good form and the application of force when swimming
  • A specific drill you can include in your daily workouts
  • A stroke form that will help you torpedo your way to a PR finish
  • A way of swimming

The Powerstroke®: Speed through force and form DVD includes:

  • 40 minute lecture: What is Powerstroke?
  • 25 minute general freestyle swim technique analysis: The three types of freestyle stroke mechanics and how to progress to the strongest: High elbow catch / early vertical forearm
  • 25 minute Powerstroke freestyle swimming technique in-depth explanation
  • 1 hour of seven key drills and detailed descriptions
  • 4 minute stretching and dryland exercise video

All swim stroke technique videos include detailed above and underwater movies, and frame by frame examples with running commentary throughout.

A recent review:

The PowerStroke DVD is the most concise swimming video I have ever watched. Coach Marty’s techniques are easy to understand. I was able to follow the PowerStroke technique the next day at the pool. I took 3 seconds off of my 100 time! The swimming drills in this video helped me tremendously. Now I feel like I am doing my drill sets correctly, and I understand why I’m doing each drill. I can’t wait for my next open water swim! Thank you Coach Marty!- Craig, Orlando, FL

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Powerstroke Freestyle Swimming

Powerstroke Technique DVD

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