Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I expect to see improvement if I purchase the Powerstroke DVD?

If you implement the concepts and drills we teach, illustrate, and break down within the Powerstroke DVD, you should see significant improvements in your swim speed and overall swim strength within a few weeks time. Note that just watching the video is not going to make you faster – practicing the concepts discussed within the DVD will!


What sort of footage is included?

Specifically, the DVD includes six sections.

  • Lecture: What is Powerstroke? (40 minutes)
  • Freestyle swim technique analysis – the three types of freestyle mechanics illustrated by beginner to expert swimmers, common errors, and how to improve (25 minutes)
  • Powerstroke detailed explanation & demonstration (22 minutes)
  • Seven key drills (55 minutes)
  • Dryland stretching and exercises (4 minutes)
  • Credits (1 minute)


Do you include underwater video?

Yes. The bulk of the technical analysis includes underwater freeze frames to point out what motions are taking place, and what should take place.


How long is the DVD?

There are more than two hours of information on the DVD.


How much does the DVD cost?

The Powerstroke: Speed Through Force and Form DVD is $29.97, plus shipping.


Where can I buy the DVD?

You may purchase the DVD on this site by clicking the ‘Ordering’ button above. The Powerstroke DVD will also be available at selected triathlon retail outlets and race expos throughout the United States.


I am very new to swimming. Will this DVD help me?

Absolutely! If you are familiar with the basic mechanics of freestyle, or front crawl swimming, and can swim one length of a twenty-five yard pool without stopping, then you are ready for the ideas presented in the DVD.


Who is Coach Marty?

Marty Gaal is a triathlon and swim coach who lives in Cary, North Carolina with his wife Brianne (Bri). Marty and Bri founded One Step Beyond Coaching in 2002. Coach Marty started swimming in the ocean at age ten, swam for two years at Florida State University, and went on to compete in numerous open water events, ocean lifeguard competitions, and triathlons. He has competed in open water swims up to 22.5 miles in distance, and raced in the Ironman World Championships in 2005. Marty is a NSCA certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and USA Triathlon coach. He has been a competitive swimmer for 30 years, and has coached adult swimmers for 12 years through private lessons and US Masters teams.


Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. If you purchase the DVD directly through us, if you are not fully satisfied with the Powerstroke DVD, we will give you a full refund within thirty days of shipping. After thirty days, no refund is available. You will need to US mail us the DVD – pay on delivery. If you purchase the DVD through a retail outlet you’ll have to adhere to their return policy.


What video format is the DVD in?

The DVD is NTSC-DVD high quality meant to be viewed in 4:3 screen presentation. You will need to select this option on your TV display menu with some new high definition televisions.


Why did you make the Powerstroke DVD?

Coach Marty has been a competitive swimmer since 1981, and a student of the methodology of swimming since his college days. Since starting to work as a professional swim and triathlon coach with the adult population, he has helped hundreds of athletes become better swimmers. The Powerstroke: Speed through force and form DVD is Coach Marty’s distillation of the absolute cornerstones of
competitive freestyle swim technique, geared for the “every” man and woman who wants to become a better swimmer. Powerstroke is all about making you a faster swimmer.


The Powerstroke DVD emphasizes both form (technique) and force (power – applied correctly) in swimming.


You can email us with additional questions.

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